After a long time

Yes after a long time. Last year July I moved to Chennai to build my career. For the past one year, like everyone in Chennai, I was busy with work. Either busy with work or weekend fun time in shopping malls, movie halls or some place else. Since I moved here I have seen very few people who do something for their passion. And somehow between all these, I lost my passion for photography. Even last time when I went home I left my camera at home.

Last Sunday, that is on 27th of September I was having a brisk walk after a heavy lunch. I saw people going towards Marina Beach for the immersion of Lord Ganesha. I heard about the craze of Ganapati Visarjan from my friends staying in Mumbai, but never had a scope to see that.
I took a bus to Marina. People who have been to Chennai or know a lot about tourist spots might already know the Marina beach stretches about 13 Km length. I had no idea about the exact location where the immersion is going to take place. I tried to ask the bus conductor, but the language was a barrier. Then I thought I have come so far I will be able to reach the exact location too.
I saw a procession coming towards Marina. Instantly I made up my mind, why don’t just follow them!! They are also moving towards where I am planning to go.
When you mix with people and enjoy together with them, language doesn’t seem to be a barrier anymore. It’s all about speaking from your heart.
I got up on the mini truck and we all had fun saying “Ganapati Bappa Morya” and shouting loud at the returning trucks.
We reached the destination (Srinivasa Beach Road). I expected to see a lot of photographers. But I was astonished to see there were only five photographers. If it was Kolkata, it would have been a struggle for existence kind of situation for a photographer.
I had a lot of fun that day, probably that’s the reason why I am sharing this with everyone instead of a technical post. Moreover, I found back my passion for mixing up with people, clicking photos (no matter how bad I click) and having fun 🙂

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